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Assystem recruit across the engineering, construction, nuclear and defence sectors in Europe and the UK. They needed a new website front-end with a marketing focus to integrate with their job search system.

After initial meetings with the client I helped establish the requirements and aims of the site. I conducted user testing on their existing site and developed a new architecture using outcomes from research and testing. I was also responsible for the user interface design as well as working with a developer to create and test responsive HTML templates.

Information Architecture

I designed the new information architecture using the outcomes of requirements gathering and user testing the existing site. The aims were to improve the navigation and structure content in a more effective way.

The higher-level pages had a marketing focus to engage the visitor and encourage them to explore the site. The deeper pages provided more detailed information and integrated smoothly with the job search back-end.

User Journey

There were two main user groups – people looking for jobs and companies looking to partner. The homepage design and navigation needed to indicate this and enable users to find relevant content, whether they are new or returning.

Prominent, clearly labelled call-to-actions were put at key parts of the site to improve the user journey and aid navigation.

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